Risk-Free Two-Week Trial

Choose a plan based on your needs.


$299 /mo
  • A single business with occasional needs
  • One Brand Identity
    Add $150 per month for a second brand
  • 5+ Hours per Week
    Guaranteed Available
  • Optional Paid Creative Call
    prices vary based on time
  • You Provide All Images


$599 /mo
  • Operating or serving
    multiple businesses
  • Three Brand Identities
    $65 per month per additional brand
  • 10+ Hours per Week
    Guaranteed Available
  • 1 Creative Call Included
    every month
  • Up to 5 Images per month


$1199 /mo
  • Marketing agencies, event planners, t-shirt shops, etc.
  • Unlimited Brands
    No additional cost per brand
  • 20+ Hours per Week
    Guaranteed Available
  • 3 Creative Calls Included
    every month
  • 25 Images per month

How the trial works:

Video Conference

You schedule a video conference with your designer. During the meeting, you will have the opportunity to explain more about your brand image, your company's needs and your preferences in design and communication.

Two Design Requests

Submit two designs in the first 10 days of the trial period. Keep the requests short and simple, e.g. a one-page flyer, versus a 12 page catalog-brochure. Provide as much communication as possible, whether that is detailed instruction or general direction.

This will allow us to complete both designs during the trial period, so that you can truly assess the service based on a final product.

Feedback & Revisions

Please respond promptly and openly about the design drafts you receive. Your designer will be happy to make multiple revisions, and will deliver them promptly. We also allow a free 15-minute creative session during your trial if needed.