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About Me

I’m Natalie Leeke. I own and operate GRIP Websites.

My love affair with computers started with a Commodore 64. My dad started teaching me BASIC as soon as I could read and write. Since then, I’ve had a wide range of experience in graphic design for print, branding, marketing consulting, blogging and more.

I’m an avid fisherwoman (mostly bass and backwater) and love being on the water. I have recently started collecting vintage computers and writing a mom-blog — Awesomom.com — with my two sisters.

Why I Started GRIP Websites

I love creating websites that really work for my customers… not just throwing something pretty up there, but really thinking through what will work well for a particular business.

So many small business owners I met were disappointed by web designers who didn’t call them back, website builder products that weren’t easy to use, and promises of “SEO” that hurt their search rankings. I started brainstorming how I could help to solve these dilemmas.

I started to identify the needs that were the same for every business, varied by industry or were completely unique to each business.

Then I took a lot of time to create flexible procedures and automate repetitious tasks. This allows me to complete a website in a shorter amount of time. I also make the communication process as easy as possible for my customers. All of this means I can offer high-quality websites at a price that make sense for small businesses.

How I Help You

It starts with learning how your business functions and how you relate to your customers. Then translating that into an online space similar to your shop or storefront and an online conversation similar to your initial conversation with any new customer.

Some businesses simply needed a web presence that was quick and easy. While do-it-yourself website builders are affordable, most business owners I’ve known were not able to spend the time or didn’t have the design and marketing knowledge to use them effectively. The only other option was a long drawn out process with a moderately priced web design firm… often ending in a website that doesn’t say much because real content was not developed.

Other businesses needed not only a website, but someone to help guide them through the process or developing real content that created a conversation with prospective and repeat customers.

Getting a grip on what your business needs is the most important part of the process. You can begin by calling me at 239-938-5850.